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Building the authority of your domain/ brand through promotion of your brand/services/products in relevant locations online is an effective means of driving referral traffic to your site, in addition to enhancing your organic rankings in search engines. KickStart Search can promote your brand and drive traffic to your website throughout the web in a variety of ways including, but not limited to:

  • Distribution of PR materials through reputable networks to journalists/publishers in your local region, the nation, or the world as relevant
  • Relationship building with industry-relevant bloggers/publishers to identify guest posting opportunities that help develop your reputation as a "though leader" in your niche
  • Creation of in-depth articles, whitepapers, and/or e-books to publish via highly authoritative online journals, magazines, and other platforms
  • Research, design, and promotion of informative and visually engaging infographics
  • Promotion and distribution of your onsite and off-site content via social channels such as Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc.
  • Creation and optimization of business listings in local and industry-niche business directories such as Manta, CitySearch, MerchantCircle, etc.

Off-Page Optimization for Humans vs. Search Engines

  • Penguins, Pandas, & Pain...

    In the last several years, Google, Bing, and the major search engines have become increasing aggressive in their attempts to crack down on link-building techniques deemed to be solely used to "manipulate" search engine results. The "Panda" algorithm updates have targeted low quality or duplicated content published throughout the web, while the Penguin updates have taken aim at low-quality link sources and overly optimized anchor text usage in links. The result of these updates has been a lot of pain for business owners and webmasters who in many cases genuinely thought they were employing acceptable SEO techniques, only to then find their organic visibility get reduced to almost nothing as a result of new algorithm guideline.
  • Smart & Sustainable Off-Page Optimization

    With the fear, uncertainty, and doubt surrounding the development of any kind of inbound links to a website today, KickStart Search uses some simple guidelines to ensure safe and sustainable promotion of your site:
    • Look for opportunities to provide content related to the client's products and services that their target clients and consumers will find useful. Don't worry about PageRank, keyword density, or other traditional "SEO metrics."
    • Before posting any content that includes a link back to the client website, determine whether or not the link will have a positive impact on the brand, or will have the ability to drive referral traffic. If the link solely appears to exist for SEO benefit, it is probably not advisable to post it.
    • Focus on developing citations/mentions of the brand as much as developing links. A mention (without a link) of the brand, product, or service on a highly respected industry blog, newspaper, or magazine has far more value than a keyword-optimized link from a low quality source.
  • Link Profile Evaluation & Monitoring

    In many cases, SEO work or even just online marketing efforts from the past can come back to haunt you as a result of these algorithm changes. Using subscription tools such as AHrefs, LinkDetox, and more, KickStart Search can evaluate your portfolio of inbound links on an on-going basis, looking for red flags such as:
    • Over-usage of so-called "money" keywords in the anchor text of links pointing to your domain.
    • An unnaturally high ratio or quantity of links to your site from low quality sources such as free-for-all web directories, blog networks, forum profiles, etc.
    • Links from websites containing malware or malicious scripts


Pricing for off-page optimization is customized for every program, based upon hard costs such as content development, graphic design, press release network distribution, as well as the hourly commitment required to manage social channels, submit content via various publishing platforms, develop blogger relationships, and more. Please contact us to discuss creating a customized program and price quote for your off-page optimization program.