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So you've audited your link profile, and found a lot of links you'd rather not have point to your site anymore. Eventually, contact needs to be made with the webmasters of the sites hosting these negative links, in order to facilitate the removal of these links entirely, or at least modification to them that will make them less "unnatural" as viewed by search engines.

Having worked on a substantial and ever-growing number of link removal projects since the Google Penguin update, KickStart Search has a database of over 1,000 domains with verified webmaster contact info from which links have been successfully removed. Being able to quickly cross-reference a client's backlink profile with this internal database allows for increased efficiency, and a significant volume of links to be removed within a short period of time in most cases. As part of the link removal process, KickStart Search will perform activities such as:

  • Acquisition of email, Twitter, Google+, or other contact info for webmasters of domains hosting "bad" links
  • Contact with webmasters requesting removal, "nofollow" implementation, or other modification of link
  • Negotiation and facilitation (if necessary) of payment to webmasters for removal/modification
  • Assistance with, and creation of, Disavow Links request to search engines
  • Assistance with, and creation of, Reconsideration Request to Google (*if manual penalty has been received)


Hourly Rates for link removal and link profile naturalization are based the number of hours committed to in a single calendar month. Pricing tiers are calculated per the table below:

  • 1 to 5 Hours of Removal & Naturalization Time/Month: ...contact us
  • 6 to 10 Hours of Removal & Naturalization Time/Month: ...contact us
  • 11+ Hours of Removal & Naturalization Time/Month: ...contact us