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Over the past several years, Google and other major search engines have begun making fundamental changes to the way in which they evaluate and reward/penalize varying types of inbound links pointing to your website. For a long time, developing a large quantity of inbound links that used anchor text matching keywords for which you wanted to optimize your website was considered to be an effective technique. Without going into a protracted history of algorithm changes, it's safe to say that inbound links can be a hugely negative factor in your website rankings today.

KickStart Search, in partnership with software providers such as Ahrefs.com and LinkDetox.com, can conduct fast and efficient inbound link profile audits for your website. If you are concerned that inbound links to your website built by a former SEO agency, an employee, or even a competitor may be having a detrimental effect on your search engine rankings, contact us today! Our link auditing service includes the following:

  • Downloading of latest links from Google Webmaster Tools
  • Upload of GWT links and independent scan of all additional detected links through Link Detox subscription software
  • Rating of all variations of anchor text for inbound links pointing to the domain (money/brand/compound/other)
  • Review of all ratings and flagging/removal of all erroneous ratings (i.e. good sites falsely identified as high risk/toxic) – Normally affects 3-5% of links
  • Export of report and formatting to Excel file. Deletion of all duplicate listings
  • Final report includes the following information on all high risk/toxic links:

    • URL of Link
    • Status of Link (Follow or NoFollow)
    • Anchor Text used in Link
    • Classification of Anchor Text (money/brand/compound/other)
    • PageRank of individual webpage hosting link to client site


Link audit pricing is based upon the total number of inbound links to your site detected by Google Webmaster Tools. Our Link Audit pricing tiers are as follows:

  • Websites with 10,000 or less inbound links: $300.00
  • Websites with 10,001 or more inbound links: Request a Quote