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visualization of paid search advertising account management process

While every client's needs and situation is different, below is general idea of typical process utilized by KickStart Search when managing a client's paid search advertising needs:

  1. Needs analysis phone call or GoToMeeting conducted with client to established campaign goals, budget, and other key performance indicators to gauge progress by throughout the campaign.
  2. Competitive analysis of search engine results landscape for paid advertising for the target keyword categories most valued by the client.
  3. Identification of key landing pages of the client website.
  4. Segmentation of target keywords into various ad groups based on relevancy and proposed ad content
  5. Segmentation of ad groups into various campaigns based upon geo-targeting, day-parting, and budgetary requirements
  6. Development and review of specific ad copy for all ad groups.
  7. Implementation of ad extensions from site links to call extensions to location extensions and more.
  8. On-going reporting, testing, optimization, and consultation with client to continually improve performance.

With our hourly pricing model, our Google-certified paid search analysts will spend dedicated consulting time on the tasks associated with the management of your paid search account that you feel is most important. No hidden margins or fees, and you'll get full reporting of


Pay-per-Click (PPC) Management services are billed on an hourly basis. Standard rates are $75.00/hour. Discounts available for commitments of 15+ hours of management/month.

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