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PPC CompaniesMaximizing ROI from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

KickStart Search provides professional PPC management services and expertise to help your company maximize returns from pay per click advertising.
PPC Certified Companies

Paid search advertising has allowed advertisers to more precisely target potential clients and consumers searching for their services than ever before. However, with the search engine advertising landscape become increasingly competitive, anything less than precision management of your accounts can lead substantial waste in poorly targeted clicks and/or missed opportunities. With more features and functionality than ever before, platforms such as Google Adwords and BingAds are extremely powerful tools, but also more difficult to master than ever.

Since 2009, KickStart Search has been providing paid search advertising account management and consulting services, helping clients achieve better efficiency, and better results from their investments into search engine advertising. Our approach to paid search management includes the following:

  • On-going testing and evaluation of bidding strategies, geo-targeting settings, ad copy, keyword selection, and other variable elements of the campaign.
  • Utilization of resources provided through certified status as an official Google Partner agency
  • Implementation of the latest available tools in Google Adwords from device-based bidding to enhanced cost-per-click-bidding to Google Experiments for A/B testing and much more.
  • Knowledge of BingAds.com and the ability to run concurrent campaigns on both Yahoo and Bing in addition to Google
  • Expertise in set-up and analysis of conversion tracking through both Google Adwords and Analytics platforms.

Transparency: Many paid search advertising agencies refuse to disclose their margins and block access to the actual search engine advertising accounts, leaving clients unaware of what percentage of their investment is actually going towards advertising costs versus management fees.

That's not how we operate. We prefer that any paid search advertising account set up on your behalf is done with you the client as the primary administrator, so that you will always have a full view of what is going on with every aspect of the account. Furthermore, we bill on an hourly pricing model, meaning that you only pay for the time we spend actively managing your account, rather than just blindly paying us a percentage of your overall spend as many agencies prefer.