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White papers were originally developed by governments to encourage the exchange of information, and to provide a conduit for constructive critical discourse, between parliamentarians and the public. By presenting government policy preferences prior to the introduction of legislation, white papers allow parliaments to test the public climate on controversial policy issues and better gauge their probable impact. In this way, white papers have, at the heart, been a method of educating constituents, creating a robustly civic society, and supporting a more responsive government. In other words, from the beginning white papers have been effectively used to persuasively communicate and substantiate a position to a diverse audience.

Like their political counterparts, B2B white papers have a similar intention of enabling businesses to test the waters of their industry, and moreover, to turn the tide in their favor. B2B white papers are industry drivers, presenting a case for a business, a product, or a service, that compels action, engages clients and generates repeat business. Companies like Cisco, Oracle, Apple, and IBM routinely create or commission these to articulate their specific contributions to an industry, establish credibility or thought-leadership, and/or introduce a product that solves an eminent or persistent industry challenge, and in so doing, differentiate themselves from competitors.

B2B white papers are often used to:

  • Generate sales leads
  • Establish thought leadership
  • Make a business case
  • Inform and persuade prospective customers, channel partners, journalists, analysts, or investors


KickStart Search Engine Marketing’s extensively researched and methodically crafted B2B white papers, which present authoritative reports that artfully articulate a central issue (or issues) within a client’s industry, offer solutions to that issue (or issues), and enable a client’s stakeholders to make well-reasoned and critically informed choices, are sought by clients across the enterprise.

Because our content is generated in-house by a team of seasoned columnists, journalists, and bloggers, each of whom is a native English speaker, we are able to offer content that is markedly distinct from content outsourced to third-party vendors. Having our content produced in-house allows our content strategists to work in tandem with our graphic design specialists, account analysts, and promotional team. As a result, synergy and innovation are an organic byproduct of our content development process and spontaneous cross-pollination is built into every SEO campaign. This has resulted in a string of successful SEO marketing campaigns, despite the continual challenges of working in the Googledom.

White papers typically take one of three formats:  backgrounder, numbered list, and problem/solution.

Backgrounders are most often used to argue a business case, supplement a product launch, or support a technical evaluation at the bottom of the sales funnel. These papers focus on the benefits of a service, product, or methodology a client offers.

Numbered lists enumerate and call out key selling points (e.g., tips, questions, and/or points about a certain industry issue) to garner attention for new or provocative views, in much the same way that a press release attempts to.

The last type of white paper, the problem/solution paper, is the workhorse of whitepapers, and could be dubbed the differentiator.  A strong, salient, and cogent problem/solution white paper can be used to recommend solutions to persistent problems, demonstrate intellectual capital and business acumen, while informing and persuading your stakeholders.

KickStart Search Engine Marketing’s content strategists are adept at extracting the best of each of these formats, marrying them to the core values and objectives of each client, and creating papers that blend strength with persuasion, timeless salience with contemporary trends, and effectively build the business case for each client. Put simply, we speak your business.