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KickStart Search was founded by Andrew Armstrong in June of 2009 with a simple goal: To offer a straightforward and honest approach to the art and science of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Creating relevance between a web page and a specific phrase requires research, great content, creativity, and a good deal of effort and persistence. While generating visibility and traffic to a website from organic search is no easy task, it is not a mysterious series of tricks, nor is it a proprietary methodology that only certain individuals or organizations have special access to.

While nobody other than a few high-level engineers working for the major search engines can attest to know the exact details of the over 200 signals that any search engine may use in its ranking algorithm, hands-on experience and real-world data reveal insights and knowledge that go beyond anything you’ll find on most blogs or whiteboard videos. At KickStart we strive to share our acquired experiences with our clients to develop customized strategies for long-term success.

The Corner of 3rd & Market St in San Francisco, home of KickStart Search

The Corner of 3rd & Market St in San Francisco, longtime home of KickStart Search

KickStart Search has employed a staff of content development, account management, web development, and graphic design professionals from across the San Francisco Bay Area.

Having served hundreds of clients over the past few years from companies throughout the United States and countries ranging from Australia to Brazil, KickStart Search offers consulting and services related to not just SEO, but also paid search management, web design, reputation management, public relations, and content marketing initiatives.

In March of 2015, KickStart Search entered a strategic partnership with Wpromote of Los Angeles, an award-winning digital marketing firm. Through our combined resources, KickStart and Wpromote can effectively meet the needs of almost any business looking to improve their digital presence.

Presenting a clear representation of what we intend to do, when we plan to do it, how it will lead to success, and why we believe in the process is our goal at the outset of any project. Contact us today for a free consultation and assessment of how our team of search marketing analysts can help grow your visibility and reach online.